Our Story

Established in 2015, Listen Lid creates headwear suitable for cochlear implant wearers. As an active member of the hearing impaired community, Listen Lid also provides support and resources for parents of deaf or hard of hearing children through a Singapore-based group, Little Hands Big Voices.

Listening on the Go

ListenLid headwear is made for you to listen on the go. Whatever your mode of ear gear (eg. cochlear implant, iPod®, MP3) if you want to listen to your favorite music, book or podcast at the beach, in the gym or at the pool then ListenLid caps and hats make listening through your device easy and secure while you swim, surf, ride or slide.

Listening devices must be independently waterproof in order to be safely worn in the water. ListenLid hats and caps are not waterproof.

Wear Your Sound All Around

Each ListenLid cap or hat has an outer pocket to neatly contain devices ensuring that they are fully secured without messy cords. Additional design features are included such as the fully detachable cord for the ListenLid swim cap or the innovative buttonhole solution for cord management for all hats and caps we design. Designed with active adults and children in mind, our headwear is discreet and comfortable.

We believe that design is an iterative process and welcome all feedback. Please send your comments and suggestions to us: hello@listenlid.com.

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